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  • Brute Force Garage Gym Series: Intermediate *** COMING SOON

Brute Force Garage Gym Series: Intermediate *** COMING SOON

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The goal of the Brute Force Garage Gym Series is to provide individuals of all abilities the opportunity to achieve their fitness goals using proven methods and programming while maintaining a balance in their daily lives. The program is geared towards self motivated individuals who would prefer to workout on their own for or with a small group at home for general fitness.

You will get stronger. You will see performance gains. However, the program will not prepare you for a weightlifting or powerlifting meet and you will not win the CrossFit Games with this programming, but if you are here you aren't looking for that.

We have three progressions to work from three different ability levels (Advanced, Intermediate and Beginner) based on your personal proficiency with movements, gear needed and your current fitness level in mind.

There are Advanced (five workouts per week), Intermediate (four workouts per week) and Beginner Programs (three workouts per week). Each template will be designed to accommodate your goals based on your current ability level.

All workouts can be completed in and hour from warm up to cool down at home in your garage, backyard, apartment fitness center or even on your patio. 

Kyle Schnitger, CF Level 1, CF Endurance, Brute Force Master Instructor

Kyle Schnitger is a CF Level 1 Trainer, CF Endurance trainer and Brute Force Master Trainer specializing in small group training, personalized programming and athlete development. He is famous for being the the creator of the Brute Force REDWOD that we release every Friday.

Kyle brings over 15 years of coaching and training experience to the Garage Gym Series. As a Father of two young boys Kyle has designed this program with the busy professional in mind.

- Mini Sandbag Training Kit

- Athlete Sandbag Training Kit

- Strongman Sandbag Training Kit

- Brute Force Kettlebell Sandbag

- Brute Force Brute Ball™

- Brute Force Operator™ Weighted Vest

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This Program will be available in the following formats:

- Brute Force Mobile App

- Downloadable E-book

BONUS: You will also be added to a private Brute Force Facebook Group Page managed directly by your COACH!  Ask questions, get tips and advice and work directly with your coach! You will also be able to engage and chat with like-minded individuals like you who are tackling this same training program!

These Brute Force Training Programs are available as a pre-order. That means: 

  1. You can be the first to purchase right now at a huge discount! We were planning to release in January, but though we'd give you early bird access now!
  2. You will receive instructions and various prompts via social media and email over the next few weeks leading up to the release to get you ready!
  3. You will be added / invited to a private Facebook Group page managed by your coach! Ask questions, get tips and advice and work directly with your coach!
  4. We will send you the Downloadable PDF via email upon release and then you will also be able to access your training program on the Brute Force Mobile App!
  5. Then it is all about the training!

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