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Brute Force Fire & EMS

Brute Force Fire & EMS

"Sandbag training is a gamechanger in the fire service. The gear is portable, durable and the movements & workouts are 100% relevant to what we face on the job."

- Robert "Pip" Piparo, Lieutenant, New Brunswick Fire Department

Brute Force Gear On The Fireground

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Why Sandbag Training for Fire?

All Fire & EMS Personnel are required to be functional in their occupation. The expectation is to perform at their best under all conditions, especially during high stress, intense, and treacherous environments and situations. Your tactical athletes can dramatically improve performance, functionality and overall health by incorporating unstable/uneven load training to their fitness programming.

“Functional” training has gained tremendous momentum, over the past decade, earning its very own fitness programming category, and continues to top the American College of Sports Medicine’s coveted annual top ten leading fitness trends in the world. It also continues to be a key focus for the Tactical Strength and Conditioning industry and is a becoming a mainstream component to fitness regimens in the Military, Law Enforcement and Fire Services.

Enter *unstable load training; the ability to unconventionally move/lift an odd object, unstable, or uneven load efficiently and effectively.

Unstable load training is the single most effective training concept to develop neuromuscular coordination and stability adaptations necessary to perform effectively in the unpredictable and ever changing tactical environment. The gear provides relevant training that is directly transferable to the day in, day out requirements of Military, Law Enforcement, Fire and EMS Service Personnel. In many cases, Tactical Athletes must utilize functional, and typically unstable, movements to perform the task at hand. Odd object, unstable load training is the most realistic and functional way for a Tactical Athlete to train for a constantly changing environment.


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