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Fit 4 The Hunt

Fit 4 The Hunt

When preparing and training one's mind and body to conquer the rigors of back country hunting, odd object training is hard to beat. In the wilderness, objects are rarely balanced, footing is rarely level, and the path to success has way more ups and downs then the path one finds walking from the front door of a gym to the weight bench. Brute Force Sandbags provide folks training for backcountry hunting the ability to emulate a lot of the off-balanced, odd object scenarios that will be encountered in the wilderness. Brute Force Sandbags are rugged and durable, and can be used virtually anywhere...perfect for all Fit 4 The Hunt Training Programs. With just a backpack and a Brute Force Sandbag, folks can complete these backcountry athlete workouts in virtually any environment.

Brute Force & Fit 4 The Hunt In Action

We encourage folks to check out our Sandbag-centric workouts by clicking on Fit 4 The Hunt offers a free trial week of Backcountry Athlete Sandbag programming to get you started. Minimum requirements include the Brute Force Athlete bag, but consider using a Brute Force Kettlebell Sandbag, too. Many of the world's best hunter-athletes use a Sandbag training program to prepare for the rigors of backcountry hunting. Give one a try. You will NOT be disappointed.

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