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Kettlebell Sandbags

"A brilliant, very well made piece of training equipment...great to train with and something you could take anywhere."

- Jim

Deployable Fitness. Portable, Durable, Functional.

When a Kettlebell becomes more than just a kettlebell. Ever shove an iron kettlebell in your pants and try to walk on an airplane? Can’t do it. Until now.

One part kettlebell, one part sandbag, all parts awesome. Weighing less than 1 pound when empty, the Brute Force Kettlebell Sandbag™ is the ultimate training tool for people on the move. Roll it up, pack it up, fill it up when you get to your destination, and get a kick ass workout. It’s simple, easy to use, and so versatile you may never go back to your cold, iron kettlebell again.

As a kettlebell, it matches 90% of the traditional movements with one major difference = Unstable Load. The shifting sand or filler creates a new dynamic on traditional movements that will have you loving the post workout burn.

As a fitness sandbag, it allows you to squeeze, grip, push, pull, and drag your way to results while getting the benefits of traditional sandbag training in a smaller, travel ready package.

Uncompromising Construction

Our Brute Force Kettlebell Sandbags™ are built to go everywhere with you. All Kettlebell Sandbags are built with heavyweight, Military Spec 1000D Cordura, reinforced webbing, and a drop-in liner to prevent any leakage; that means they can stand anything you throw at them! Push, Pull, Swing, Trek and more! 1000D Cordura has a DWR coating to make each sandbag almost water resistant so you can clean them up when needed as well – These will get dirty on mountain hikes, visits to the beach and on the front lines.

Every Brute Force training sandbag component carries our BRUTE FORCE SHIELD WARRANTY. We stand behind our sandbags 100% so you can buy with confidence.

Don't like it, send it back. We have a 30 Day Money Back Guarantee!


Brute Force Kettlebell Sandbag Power | 0-45 LBS Max

*The max weight of the bag is dependent on the density of the sand or filler used.

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