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Unstable Load / Odd Object (ULOO™) Training, Workshops & Courses at Brute Force Training Center, Annapolis, MD


“Functional” training has gained tremendous momentum over the past decade, earning its very own fitness programming category, and continues to top the American College of Sports Medicine’s coveted annual top ten leading fitness trends in the world.

Functional fitness is a blend of traditional and unconventional training methods, using a variety of different equipment and movements in preparation to perform any physical activity relative to sport, activity, or occupation. While this has remained the same, the training equipment and modalities have evolved. 



“The ability to lift or unconventionally move an odd object or unstable, uneven load efficiently and effectively with the intent of improving functional work capacity & performance.”




Nearly all athletes are required to be functional in their sport or tactical occupation.  The expectation is to perform at their best under all conditions, including high stress, maximum intensities, and treacherous environments. These athletes can dramatically improve performance and functionality by incorporating Unstable Load & Odd Object training. 

Brute Force specializes in providing Unstable Load & Odd Object (ULOO™) Training workshops, certifications and termed training contracts for TACTICAL, FUNCTIONAL & TRADITIONAL athletes.



How to use the Brute Force Unstable Load and Odd Object (ULOO™) Training approach, using the Brute Force Athlete Sandbag, to teach foundational movements and progressions and then apply this training in various tactical, functional and traditional fitness environments



These workshops will primarily inlcude use of the Brute Force Sandbags of varying weights and grips, and depending on host facility, the Brute Balls (Sand Atlas Stones) and the Brute Force Kettlebell Sandbags.



  • Apply foundational movement methodologies and progressions developed by Brute Force 
  • Modify intensities for a variety of modalities and populations
  • Implement and lead ULOO™ Training as a stand alone class or as a supplement to already existing training programs
  • Integrate advanced ULOO™ coaching and cueing techniques



  • Brute Force Unstable Load / Odd Object (ULOO™) Concept
  • Course Syllabus
  • Gear Calibration & Care
  • Sandbag Mobility Session
  • Brute Force Basics (Breakdown of Foundational Movements)
  • Expanded/Condensed Exercise Progressions, Complexes and Modifications concluding with sample workouts
  • Team SandWOD Competition (competitive team building workout designed to challenge mind and body.)

***Product Discounts: Workshop attendees will receive an exclusive discount with Brute Force and will be able to purchase additional Brute Force gear for a special price after all workshops.


  • A Full Day (8 hour, 5 blocks) or Half Day (4 Hour, 3 Block) Workshop
  • A digital download of the Brute Force ULOO™ Training workshop content
  • Membership to the Brute Force Trainer Mobile App (Includes access to a growing library of movement videos, movement breakdowns, featured workouts and programs and live chat functionality with Brute Force Coaches.)
  • An Exclusive Discount on all Brute Force Gear and a future educational training
  • A Brute Force T-Shirt that can only be earned by attending our workshops and courses



25 OCTOBER 2019
Eastern Shore Performance Center, Home of Brute Force Training Center Annapolis, MD
Hosted By Brute Force Director of Human Performance, Evan Eichler

  • This is a Full Day Course (8 hour, 5 blocks)
  • Particpants will receive a digital download and printed copy of the Brute Force ULOO™ Training workshop content
  • An Exclusive Lifetime Discount on all Brute Force Gear and future educational training
  • SWAG...including an exclusive Brute Force T-Shirt that can only be earned by attending our workshops and certifications
  • Registration is $299.00 (includes a black Athlete Sandbag) or $199.00 (does not include an Athlete Sandbag) 

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