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  • American Defender Shorts 2.0 (Patriot Edition)
  • American Defender Shorts 2.0 (Patriot Edition)
  • American Defender Shorts 2.0 (Patriot Edition)

American Defender Shorts 2.0 (Patriot Edition)

$ 58.00



Our partners at Born Primitive created the American Defender Shorts 2.0 (Patriot Edition) to pay homage and respect to all the people who have served our Nation since the beginning, especially our military, firefighters, police, and first responders. Generation after generation, Americans from all walks of life have stepped up to the plate to serve. They are proud to wear that flag on their uniform, for it represents something greater than themselves. We made the flag tattered and distressed to represent the long and difficult journey the flag has taken since the birth of the Republic to modern day. Last, we hold a special place for all of those who have made the ultimate sacrifice while downrange or in the line of duty. We have placed a patriotic quote on the inside of the right leg that reads, “This nation will remain the land of the free only so long as it is the home of the brave.” -Elmer Davis.

*This item ships separately from Born Primitive

- Lightweight, Quick-Dry, moisture wick 4-way stretch technology

- Low-profile zipper pocket on both sides, perfect for cell phone and other belongings

- 92% Polyester, 8% Spandex for maximum mobility

- 4-way stretch reinforced spandex crotch panel

- 3-inch slits on each side

- Low-profile velcro closure with removable inner drawstring (we included the optional drawstring because we know some people like that feature)

- 100% sublimation printing to ensure longevity

- Fit true to size - We recommend ordering what you would normally wear in jean sizes. If you are on the fence between two sizes, we recommend going up to the bigger size.

Please allow up 5-10 business days for delivery. Your package will come from our partners at Born Primitive. If ordered in conjunction with a piece of Brute Force Training gear, items will ship separately.

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