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  • Day 7 - Brute Force BASIC 1.0 E-Book & Mobile App Program

Day 7 - Brute Force BASIC 1.0 E-Book & Mobile App Program

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Brute Force Basics 1.0
This 4 week program is designed to introduce you to U.L.O.O. Unstable Load, Odd Object training.  Upon completion of this E-Book, you will have established foundational movements, biomechanics, fundamental movement patterns, improved strength, increased endurance, and enhanced flexibility.  You will also become readily equipped to move forward into many of our other progressive Tactical, Functional, and/or Traditional athlete programs.  Train Accordingly.

Chris Lane,M.S., C.S.C.S., TSAC-F, CPT, CSN, Group-X

Chris serves the fitness and wellness industry full-time as a professional strength & conditioning coach, educator/presenter, administrator, and commercial gym owner/operator. He provides programming for tactical, traditional, and functional athletes. As a tactical strength coach, Chris provides programming to military, SWAT/LEO, fire fighters, & first responders. With a particular passion for athlete sports performance, he also provides strength & conditioning to a variety of traditional sports, coaching hundreds of scholarship collegiate athletes and dozens of professional athletes currently in the NBA, NFL, MLB, NBA D-League, and European leagues. Equally passionate about education and presentation opportunities, Chris can be found presenting at a variety of fitness and wellness conference circuits on various training topics and current trends; also providing certification opportunities for U.L.O.O™ training. Currently overseeing construction of his first fitness, therapy, and lifestyle facility, Boom Box, he continues to provide customized live and online personal training, diet and nutritional programming, as well as consultation on lifestyle modification.

“As a coach, Brute Force Sandbags have become the Swiss Army Knife or Leatherman Tool of my equipment inventory.  It is the most versatile tool in the shed and the programming creativity is endless.  The scalability, functionality, portability, and durability is simply unrivaled.  Brute Force has truly set the gold standard.”

- Mini Sandbag Training Kit

- Athlete Sandbag Training Kit

- Strongman Sandbag Training Kit

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This Program will be available in the following formats:

- Brute Force Mobile App

- Downloadable E-book

BONUS: You will also be added to a private Brute Force Facebook Group Page managed directly by your COACH!  Ask questions, get tips and advice and work directly with your coach! You will also be able to engage and chat with like-minded individuals like you who are tackling this same training program!

These Brute Force Training Programs are available as a pre-order. That means: 

  1. You can be the first to purchase right now at a huge discount! We were planning to release in January, but though we'd give you early bird access now!
  2. You will receive instructions and various prompts via social media and email over the next few weeks leading up to the release to get you ready!
  3. You will be added / invited to a private Facebook Group page managed by your coach! Ask questions, get tips and advice and work directly with your coach!
  4. We will send you the Downloadable PDF via email upon release and then you will also be able to access your training program on the Brute Force Mobile App!
  5. Then it is all about the training!

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