Iron Woody Advanced Pull Up Package – Brute Force Training


  • Iron Woody Advanced Pull Up Package

Iron Woody Advanced Pull Up Package

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Advanced Pull-up Package contains the following:
1. #3 Small Blue Band x1
2. #4 Medium Green Band x1
3. #5 Large Black Band x1


This Advanced Pull-Up Package is for the most "Hard Core" Push-Up enthusiasts. This package contains the same type of bands as the Assisted Pull-Up Package. Why did we make the exact same package twice and just call it something different? Because these Pull-Up enthusiasts wanted to stretch (no pun intended) the Iron Woody Fitness bands to their limit while performing Pull-Ups. We had quite a few enthusiasts ask us for more resistance, and the Advanced Pull-Up Package was the end result. This package contains one each of the #3 Small Blue Band, the #4 Medium Green Band, and the #5 Large Black Band.

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