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  • R1 Speed Rope: Rigid Uncoated Cable

R1 Speed Rope: Rigid Uncoated Cable

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Designed & Patented by our friend, JumpNrope Owner, 5-time World Champion Molly Metz, this rope is the Fastest Jump Rope in the World and used by many elite CrossFit athletes.

The R1′s uncoated stainless steel cord is perfect for a competition-ready rope for athletes with repeatable jumping form.
- Cable: Rigid Stainless Steel (indoor use only)
- Handles: Ultra-Durable Nylon
- Usage: Perfect for advanced jumpers
- Comes with additional attachment pieces
- Package Includes: 1 Complete R1 Speed Rope, 1 set of extra attachment pieces & sizing instructions.  

Designed and patented by 5-Time World Jump Rope Champion, Molly Metz, the R1 Speed Rope has REVOLUTIONIZED the sport of jump rope with ultrafast dual-bearing, pivoting-eye technology.  Several WORLD RECORDS have been shattered by jumpers who have used this rope, and many elite CrossFit athletes have found this to be their rope of choice at the CrossFit Games.

This rope is perfect for advanced jumpers who have mastered double unders, triple unders, and speed-step jumping.  It is certainly not the rope to be learning jump rope skills on (for that use the R1.5 Hybrid Speed or Training Ropes ropes).  The patented bearing system in the handles makes them virtually friction-free, and the pivoting eye allows for ANY angle of hand motion, making this rope virtually untouchable in speed comparisons. The cable is made of uncoated stainless steel, and the handles are made of a ultra-durable nylon, making this rope great for indoor use. Not recommended for outdoor use.  Outdoor use decreases the longevity of this rope and can cause fraying.

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