R2 Trainer Rope: Flexible PVC Cord – Brute Force Training


  • R2 Trainer Rope: Flexible PVC Cord
  • R2 Trainer Rope: Flexible PVC Cord

R2 Trainer Rope: Flexible PVC Cord

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Designed & Patented by JumpNrope Owner, 5-time World Champion Molly Metz, this rope is perfect for 90% of athletes!

Perfect for a beginning jumper who is not yet ready for the speed rope, and perfect for a competitive athlete looking to buff up their jumping skills.
- Cable: Flexible, Ultra-Durable, Non-Stretch PVC
- Weight, thickness, & flexibility ideal for beginners or fatigued athletes
- Low-maintenance ropes for gym owners!
- High-intensity training for advanced jumpers
- Handles: Ultra-Durable Nylon
- Comes with additional attachment pieces
- Package Includes: 1 Complete R2 Trainer Rope, 1 set of extra attachment pieces & sizing instructions.

Designed and patented by 5-Time World Jump Rope Champion, Molly Metz, the R2 Trainer Rope is THE go-to training rope for any athlete!  Over 250 CrossFit gyms have hosted Double Under Seminars and always start an athlete off with this trainer rope.

If you’re new or old to double unders, the R2 trainer rope is a great start up rope (we HIGHLY recommend this rope for beginners), as the thickness of the cord provides just enough weight (inertia) and aerodynamic drag for you to FEEL where the rope is when you’re jumping.  The flexibility of the cord is also accommodating to erratic changes in hand position when jumping (as opposed to rigid-cable ropes).

If you’re great at double unders, this is STILL a perfect rope for you!  Molly Metz can do 10 minutes of double unders without a mistake (1400 in total) - she uses the R2 Trainer with everyday WODs because she can FEEL where the rope is, and it accommodates any poor mechanics that fatigue may introduce.

The rope can also be used to train (as the name implies) jump rope for high-intensity interval training (HIIT): boxing, MMA, & wrestling.

The handles are made of an ultra-durable nylon, the patented bearing system makes them virtually friction-free, making this rope feel effortless at times.

Note: The PVC cord is quite durable and can be used on concrete and can be sized by tying knots in the cord- making it virtually maintanence-free! It’s also a perfect blend of flexibility without stretchability!

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