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  • Brute Force Operator™ Series: ALPHA *** PRE-ORDER NOW

Brute Force Operator™ Series: ALPHA *** PRE-ORDER NOW

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***Pre-Order is AVAILABLE NOW 

***This Program Starts Delivering January 1, 2019

***These Programs were going to be released in January 2019, but you are getting an early bird opportunity at a huge discount!

Alpha Block 

The Brute Force ALPHA Block is the first in a series of progressive, 4 week, bootcamp style training programs. Adapted from our current Tactical Fitness Training Programs, this series is geared towards building you into a Top Level Tactical Athlete. The Alpha Block, nicknamed, “The Starter”, is a well-rounded program from a strength and conditioning standpoint designed for those who are ready to crush it. While it is the first program in this progressive series, don’t be fooled...this is not a novice routine. This program is adaptable for all walks of fitness, but is a challenging program.

Tony Taddeo, CF Level 1 & 2, Olympic Lifting

For the past 11 years, Tony has directed his passion of fitness to the Crossfit and tactical arena. Tony found Crossfit in 2007 and dove into learning everything he could to be a better athlete. Holding certs in level 1, level 2, olympic lifting, powerlifting, kettlebell, and mobility, Tony began coaching others while training for the SoCal Regionals. Since competing in the 2009-2013 SoCal Regionals, and competing in the 2012 Reebok Crossfit Games, Tony continues to train and program for functional and tactical athletes.

He has been a Firefighter for the past 12 years and runs a pre-academy program designed to prepare recruits for the rigors of the fire academy. He does this through the Brute Force methodology of U.L.O.O.™Unstable Load/Odd Object Training. As a Tactical Coach for Fire/EMS under Brute Force Training, Tony travels to mentor and inspire other fire departments and assist them in implementing Unstable Load/Odd Object Training through Brute Force. 

- Mini Sandbag Training Kit

- Athlete Sandbag Training Kit

- Strongman Sandbag Training Kit

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This Program will be available in the following formats:

- Brute Force Mobile App

- Downloadable E-book

BONUS: You will also be added to a private Brute Force Facebook Group Page managed directly by your COACH!  Ask questions, get tips and advice and work directly with your coach! You will also be able to engage and chat with like-minded individuals like you who are tackling this same training program!

These Brute Force Training Programs are available as a pre-order. That means: 

  1. You can be the first to purchase right now at a huge discount! We were planning to release in January, but though we'd give you early bird access now!
  2. You will receive instructions and various prompts via social media and email over the next few weeks leading up to the release to get you ready!
  3. You will be added / invited to a private Facebook Group page managed by your coach! Ask questions, get tips and advice and work directly with your coach!
  4. We will send you the Downloadable PDF via email upon release and then you will also be able to access your training program on the Brute Force Mobile App!
  5. Then it is all about the training!

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